Memories of the Dolce Vita in Campania crowd our minds: closing our eyes, the jagged coast overhangs the crystalline blue and Capri still seems close to our hearts. But when we reopen them, we wake up to the sound of the waves crashing on the Tuscan coast: Forte Dei Marmi welcomes us and our travel companion Scott Schuman , giving us the right setting for the second stage of the Sundek summer tour.

“Il Forte”: that unique place where the saltiness fits perfectly between refinement, fun and tradition. The seafront, not yet as crowded as in the high season, leads us towards a weekend made up of truth, the one that our friend Scott manages to capture with his shots. Between the wonderful Augustus Resort that hosted us on Friday and the famous Bagni Giovanna for Saturday, Sundek traverses the history of the Tuscan Riviera , immersed in exclusive luxury but also accompanied by the authenticity of unique moments, between a ride and a game on the beach .

With our feet sinking into the sand and our eyes turned to the horizon, behind us the marble quarries are hidden in the green hills, and the day is punctuated by a brilliant sun that draws an arc over our heads. Days in which the brand's lifestyle comes to life between water, salt and a unique style even on the beach. The pier frames the blue of the water which blends with that of a clean sky, in which there are no clouds to stain it. Between dives and smiles, a light wind tangles your hair and the colors of our costumes merge with those of the sunset: the second trip is about to end, but before saying goodbye to Tuscany, even the sun dives into the now tepid water and a sense of freedom surrounds us.

Thank you Forte Dei Marmi. Now let's close our eyes again to continue the dream of Sundek's journey. Next stop: Riccione.