Sundek and Onde Nostre's latest video clip

Wrapped in lush greenery and turquoise blue waters, DEEP ISLANDS in a short film produced by Onde Nostre, directed by Luca Merli and supported by Sundek. This is a project launched to celebrate a microcosm in symbiosis and the beauty of surfing, set in a haven of islands in the southeast Indian Ocean.

A unique, yet extremely fragile coral habitat. A place that one must cherish and preserve, and which Sundek has chosen to enhance in order to help make it eternal.

Thanks to the uniqueness and beauty of the area and the strong impact of the video clip, DEEP ISLANDS has become highly viral. Only in the first week after the launch, the short film has totaled almost 1 million interactions on Vimeo.

Featuring Sundek ambassador Alessandro Ponzanelli wearing the Sundek 2016 collection.