The sunlight has a different flavor here. The blue of the sea mixes with the green of the mountains, creating a direct suggestion of colors and serenity. It's romantic, very romantic, a place that takes you to another reality. A dream that doesn't exist, indeed it does. It's called Capri .

From here starts the project that will last 4 months, or rather 4 weekends, together with one of the most innovative professional personalities in the fashion photographic world of the last 30 years: Scott Schuman , the founder and creator of The Sartorialist , will be our travel companion and with his eyes (and his camera) he will tell 4 Italian locations dear to us.

The journey to discover these magnificent places starts from Campania , where a scorching May sun awaits us and accompanies us on this tour. From the arrival in Marina Grande to the transfer to Marina Piccola , a gem with a view of the stacks that are reflected in such crystalline water that it seems as if it has just come down from a source in Trentino.

Here there are private establishments such as the Bagni da Maria , a classic situation of deck chairs on the concrete pier above water as blue as the sky, but also a tiny inlet where everyone can enjoy the sea while admiring the splendid panorama that the Neapolitan monoliths offer.

Graceful details full of passion, smells and colors echo in the air of this place and create corners that may seem normal at first glance, but which actually express the value of this territory. It is therefore easier to find the right situations to show the garments of our Spring Summer 23 , which makes color its mantra again this year.

Whether they are close-up photos or stolen photos, whether they are on the terrace during breakfast or from above or during a liberating dive, they always manage to tell an all-Italian story. Our story, of all of us.

The Capri sun made us feel at home, we can only be grateful to this magnificent island. Next stop: Forte dei Marmi .